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Vyatkastroyservis was established in February, 1996. In its twenty plus years of experience the company has developed and gained a reputation as one of the most reliable companies performing construction and installation activities as well as renovation and finishing works for both commercial enterprises and state-financed organizations located in Kirov, in the Kirov region and other ones as well.

Our company suggests various types of activities such as alteration, building and construction works for production facilities, storage spaces, public and special buildings, laying of utility lines and networks, rebuilding operations for roof coatings and facades and renovation of business offices. So more than 1,000 projected facilities have been rebuilt and constructed over the years.

Core business lines are as follows:

  1. Engineering, Procurement and Construction services (EPC)
  2. Services on construction and reconstruction of various buildings having dirrerent complexity profiles and applications including highly dangerous and technically challenging permanent works and fixed assets under construction (except for nuclear facilities)
  3. Technical coordinator activities
  4. Structural design and engineering of civil and production buildings and structures including design and engineering of utility systems
  5. Survey work

Vyatkastroyservis has the necessary resources to execute all the works, i.e. its own construction machinery, skilled professionals, and certified equipments. As a result, all this enables the company to carry out its commitments to the customers with the demanded quality and in time.

In order to meet the desired objectives, the staff of the company successfully stands for the quality and the culture of construction, for meeting all the demands and requirements of the clients as well as for the strict fulfillment of contract terms and conditions. Vyatkastroyservis guarantees high quality of the performed works and it is willing to provide you with every possible assistance and support within warranty and postwarranty periods.


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610011, Kirov, Russian Federation

15 Severnaya Naberezhnaya Street

+7 (8332) 24-12-77, 23-13-86, 23-23-45, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.