Survey works

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Vyatkastroyservis performs all types of engineering investigations required for construction preparation:

  • engineering-geodesic surveys
  • engineering-geological surveys

Engineering surveys enable to learn:

  • whether it is possible to build a construction facility on the this area or not (moreover, one should find it out before the piece of land is purchased),
  • the types of foundation required for the projected structure,
  • the risks existing for the construction facility (e.g., setting of ground, flood waters) and the ways to prevent the problems,
  • the profitability of the construction project.

What data can be achieved through engineering surveys?

  • Natural environment of the area as well as man-induced factors affecting the local environment in a negative way.
  • Information for estimating the design, the layout, and the location of the projected facility. Information for engineering protection of the facility.
  • Data for calculating the foundation and the earth platform of the facility.
  • Answers to the outstanding matters appearing while the construction project is prepared.

Work flow:

  • Receiving preliminary specifications and approving from the customer.
  • Initial observation of the area.
  • Survey program design.

It should be noted that arranging several survey types within one and the same order we don't have to duplicate our actions drilling and collecting the samples, thereby save the cost of researches.

  • Field operations: well-drilling, sampling, surveys, measurements, static and dynamic tests, etc.
  • Laboratory stage: processing of samples received, investigation, and statistical data analysis.
  • Execution of the final summary report including the resulting data, tables, reviews, estimated conclusions and forecasts.
  • Examination and conformation of the final report, handing over to the customer.

Our survey reports can be used for preparing basic engineering documentation, receiving building permits, and correcting the existing project. We ensure you  that the resulting data obtained during the survey are completely reliable. Please remember that inappropriate environmental surveying raises the risks of a building failure or an emergency situation while in operation.


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