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Vyatkastroyservis functions as a principle contractor and offers its services on construction and renovation of buildings and structures. We have a wide experience in civil engineering constructive works, in arranging and mounting of outdoor and indoor engineering systems, utility systems, and equipments:

  • monolithic and prefabricated construction of foundations, storage tanks, and floor structuress
  • industrial pipelining
  • cables laying (up to 35 kV)
  • electricity supply system mounting (up to 35 kV)
  • installation of gas, heat, water supply systems and sewage networks
  • mounting of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • installation of utility metering and control devices
  • installation of chimney stacks
  • metal fabrication and structural steel works of any complexity
  • structural steel works and pipelines made of stainless and complex alloy-treated steels
  • roofing works including mounting of membrane roofs
  • construction dewatering services
  • horizontal directional drilling
  • installation of gas-burning boiler houses
  • construction of sports areas with an artificial turf
  • installation of sheet-pile curtains


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